Spiritual Beings, Part 1


I heard this quote for the first time many years ago…..it seems like a lifetime, but only maybe 15 or so years.  I always wondered who had said it, as there was never credit given.  Turns out it was French Jesuit priest, also a paleontologist and a philosopher by the name of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.  Seems a good place to start our discussion on spiritual self care.

There are those who deny any spirituality in their lives.  Thats not who this post is for.  Its more for people who, like me, are sure that there is something more to life.

We all LONG for connection. Some find it in church. Others in nature. Others in helping those less fortunate. Still others in family, or a network of close friends.

It doesn’t really matter where we find it; our lives are the richer for it.

A little about me; I grew up in a Southern Baptist household. Dad was a deacon, for many years head of the deacons, and moms always heavily involved as well. Twice on Sundays and every Wednesday night we were there. Often we were one of the first families there and the last to leave. OF course I did as was expected of me…I was baptized when I was 7. I tried to fit in the mold….but it was always hollow for me.

Fast forward to my head injury…I can’t deny divine intervention there. The speed and magnitude of my recovery left little doubt of the existence of a higher being. I was only 17 at the time, and I accepted more fully my church’s teachings. Within a few years though, I realized it wasn’t enough. I was in denial and pushed myself harder into it, only to feel emptier.

By this time I was engaged to ex #1, who was catholic and heavily involved in the music ministry of his church. I had been singing the folk mass with him for several months already, so I decided that for family unity I would become a catholic. I did that for a few years, then the church did some not nice things to us, and we stopped going.

It was my ex who introduced me to paganism in searching for a new connection. At first my Southern Baptist upbringing was like “EWWW! NEVER!!!” Then after a while I started reading the book he had bought….and it was like going home.

Tomorrow I’ll continue the story, and continue talking about spiritual community. I welcome your thoughts and comments…as long as they’re respectful. We all have the right to our beliefs. If you like any of my posts, feel free to share them!