5 Steps To Start Thinking Positively


Easier said than done…right?  Life is full of negative people and events.  I’ve got 5 simple steps to help you start training your mind to look at things positively.

  1.  Turn off the news.  I used to depend on getting my GMA fix every morning back when Joan Lunden and Charlie Gibson were the anchors.  Then after I moved in with ex #2 and Miss J, I didn’t want her seeing the grownup stories, so I broke myself.  (Miss J’s mom had passed several months previous.)  Sometimes I would catch the late news, but the really big stories you found out via social media anyway.  Ive gotten to where I don’t want that negativity in my life.
  2. If you have a DVR, use it to cut out commercials whenever possible.  This is VERY BIG in election years.  The negativity in the campaign commercials is staggering.  As a bonus..you won’t hear the sales pitches of the commercials, as well!  If not, then hit the mute button.
  3. When faced with a situation that could drag you into negativity, stop.  Recognize the situation for what it is, then instead of dramatically bemoaning your fate, figure out how you can either fix it or look at it positively.  Theres a saying: either you’re part of the solution, or part of the problem.
  4. Try to surround yourself with other positive people whenever possible.  We always become who we surround ourselves with.
  5. When you DO have to be around someone negative, imagine yourself surrounded by a protective bubble of positive energy.  This will allow you to interact with them as needed (a coworker, etc.) yet not absorb their negative energy.

Have you tried any of these suggestions?  What was the result?