Are Routines THAT Important?


I’m saying nothing new when I say that you get more accomplished, feel better about yourself, and have more free time when you have and stick to a routine.  We all know that, right?

What happens though is something totally different for people like me who don’t go to an outside job.  We have to be disciplined enough to make a plan, follow it through, and not be thrown off course too much by the curve balls life throws our way.

I was going to give you an example of how my life can be thrown off course pretty easily, but my days are so different according to whether I have my girls or not.  Instead, I’ll talk about what some things are I do pretty much every day, whether I have my girls or not.  Like the quote above says….that’s whats most important.

One thing I do every day at some point is read from Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich.”  I was at a seminar back in May where Bob Proctor spoke and he talked about his being given that book when he was a young man, cleaning offices.  He talked about how he reads it every day to this day, and how it shaped him into the multimillionaire he is today.

Another thing I do every day (most days) is work on both of my businesses in some fashion.  Blogging could take the whole time, so I need to be disciplined there.  There also product creation (which is SUPER exciting!), and real estate investing.  With so many irons in the fire, I need to sometimes set timers for myself to only work on one thing at a time for a set amount of time.


I realized recently that the topics I was blogging about in self-care weren’t complete.  By never talking about abundance and potential ways to increase yours, I was leaving out a large part of how to be your best self.  When you’re worried about how you will pay bills, you can HARDLY be at your best!  (I speak from experience here.)  So from time to time, posts on abundance will be interspersed with everything else.



Loving What You Do

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If you’re like the majority of people, you can’t WAIT to get out of work.  Maybe  the tediousness of what you do day in and day out makes you dread heading in to work.  How can you be your best self if you’re constantly stressing about your job?  Your productivity when your there is affected as well.

There are quite a few personality profiles and tests available online, if you don’t know where your talents and passions can merge to make you a living.  If you find you don’t have the training to get into the field that it turns out you want to get into, don’t give up.  There are always options, from Federal student loans (how I was able to get my MBA), grants, bank loans, etc.  If you do a search online there may even be financing options from the school you choose.

After I finished my undergrad degree I kept trying to get into an office job, but the only thing I could find that I was any good at was working retail.  I absolutely loved meeting and helping people, but I hated being on my feet all day on the cement floors, the low pay, and the crazy hours.  I thought my girl’s father had saved me when he wanted me to be a SAHM as I had wanted when I was a little girl.

Since I loved helping people, when it became clear that the marriage between my girl’s father and I was probably not going to make it, I decided to go for an MBA in HR (human resources).  That way I wouldn’t have to go back to retail if and when it was done.

Many of my classmates were either planning on or were already running their own company.  That put the kernel of the idea in my mind.  Then I found ways of running a business that didn’t deal with having a physical property and inventory.

I’m not saying it’s easy to get started, and it doesn’t take time.  But if you’re doing something that you’re passionate about it hardly seems like work at all.  The world needs more people who are passionately alive….the money WILL come.

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Do We Really NEED A Plan?


Those quotes seem diametrically opposite….but they’re not.  You CAN do them both at the same time.  Having a plan doesn’t mean you’re confined in what you do.

Normally I work in my home office on the third floor.  I’ll get up and ready for the day, go down to the kitchen, have breakfast, then go back up where I work until lunchtime.  I’ll bring up my coffee and anything else I need, and plug away.

Since Dancing With The Stars started, I would carry my laptop down so I could vote on Facebook Monday evening, and bring it up Tuesday morning, then down again that night for more voting.  Last week though, I got tired of working harder, so I tried something new.  I kept the laptop down on the first floor and worked at the dining room table, then after Tuesday brought it back up to the loft.

The following meme shows another example of how integrating the 2 above quotes can actually make life fun!



What are some examples of how you worked smarter not harder?  Because you were smarter, what were you able to do you couldn’t have before?




Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Exist??


There’s no such thing as a work-life balance.

Trying to “have it all” is a recipe for increased stress, potential health problems, and an unhappy life.  The best thing to do is to figure out what the three most important things in life to you are.  For me, those three are family, service to others, and wealth generation.  Figure out what you need to do for each of those 3 things, and focus on that.

When you do that, other things either fall away and become unimportant or fall into place.

Another thing that helps is merging work, home, and social calendars all into one.  Same for “To Do” lists.  They’re all part of life.  That way it will be easier to see and prioritize what needs to be done.  If you have a partner, share the list with them and see if there’s something they can help with.  If you have people working for you, delegate what you can to them.  That also means that some things may not get done EXACTLY like you would do them, but if its not one of your top 3 priorities, does it really matter??

When do you work best?  Some people are most productive early in the morning, while others work better after their kiddos go to bed.  Some people call that your “flow.”  Whatever works best for you, figure out when that is and how you can prioritize working then, and do it.

That also means giving yourself permission to NOT work when you’re not able to focus, even if it means something needs to be put off.  That doesn’t mean being lazy is ok, but if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to be there for anyone else.  Realistically though, if you’re having a hard time trying to figure out what you’re looking at means, how well are you going to be able to make decisions, or figure out how to say what you want to say?  So cut yourself some slack, and don’t force yourself to keep working if you just can’t focus and your head feels like it’s filled with cotton.

So to sum up, choose 3 min areas in life to focus your energy on, make one “to do” list, delegate, and work when you can do it best.  Try it and let me know your thoughts!

Balance Is…

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I think that many people…myself included…can get so wrapped up in whatever our focus is on that we forget the really basic stuff.  What life is really all about, and what matters most.  As Cinderella said in the movie released last year, “Have courage, and be kind.”

Have the courage to stand up for yourself and not be taken advantage of, abused, or deceived.  Know that you ARE special, and important; worthy of respect.  Be kind, gentle and trusting in the basic goodness of humanity at the same time.

When you’re coming out of an abusive situation, that can seem really daunting.  Knowing where to be kind and when to put your foot down (albeit gently) is a challenge.

Never stop trying to improve yourself and your situation, yet be content with what you have.  (Keeping up with the neighbors is sooo overrated.)  That seems paradoxical, but really it’s not.

The car I used to have when I was with my girls’ dad had a remote car starter in it.  On cold winter mornings, it. was. awesome.  I’d go to the window by the driveway about 10 minutes before it was time to leave, and when we went out, the windshield was clear of ice, the car was never frozen shut, and it was nice and warm inside.  The car I’m driving now doesn’t have one though.  Do I want to get one before this winter sets in?  You bet!  Am I going to go into debt though, just so I can have the convenience?  Hardly.  I managed last winter without it too.