Is Self-Love A Good Thing?

loveyourself learning2balone

When you think of someone “loving themselves”, do you cringe inside, or think “Gimme a break?”  There are lots of people who have an unhealthy amount of self – love, and can be quite hurtful to others, sometimes to the point of abuse.  That’s not what I’m talking about here.

No, what I’m talking about is what both quotes above allude to.  If you can’t stand being alone with your thoughts, chances are that others will not want to be around you either.  When you’re ok with being alone, you won’t end up running for the first potential mate that shows up; you can really sit back and think…is this person really the best?  (This is the place I’m at in my journey right now.)

Have you ever gone alone to a movie, or out to eat?  If you can, I encourage you to try it.  Go see the movie that you’ve secretly been wanting to see, but no one else wants to go.  Take yourself out to dinner at the nicest restaurant you can afford.  Instead of watching a favored team in your living room, go to a local bar to watch them in community.  (That’s what I did for last year’s Super Bowl.)  If you feel like it, strike up a conversation with someone there.  If not, thats cool too.

Next time, I’ll be giving you ideas of different activities to engage in where you can make new friends, and tell you some of my experiences.  (I may even post a pic from something I did back in August.)