THAT’S In My Food?!? Part 1

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Yesterday I started telling you about things that are banned across the globe, but are found in most every grocery store in America. I told you about 3 things then, and there are more than 7 more.  Listing them all would take several hours, and I know you don’t have the kind of time to read it all at once.  I’ve decided instead to break them up to a couple more posts.

Processed foods are more often than not what most families have for dinner.  Their convenience can’t be denied; after a long day at work coming home and making something healthy and nutritious is often beyond the scope of what parents are capable of.  (More on that in another post.)  Plus, there’s the kids complaining about whatever they have going on that day.  Getting dinner on the table…something they will eat…quickly is imperative.  All too often, that famous blue box of mac and cheese gets cooked….you might add some veggies and meat to make it more nutritious, but maybe not.

The thing is, that blue box is loaded with artificial flavors and colors, and other things besides.  All the artificial flavors, of which there are too many to name, ALL are made from chemicals and have absolutely ZERO nutritional value.  There are negative health impacts associated with every. single. one.  Artificial color is in almost everything these days.

Artificial color is MUCH worse.  What it is made of will make you decide never to it eat (or drink) ever again.  FD&C Red No. 40, or Tartrazine (a.k.a. Yellow No. 5)…any artificial food coloring…all are derived from petroleum. Yup….the same stuff that’s in your gas tank.  I don’t know about you, but that is something I don’t wnt my girls eating…nor do I want to!  These colors have been linked to behavioral issues, birth defects, and cancer as well.

So you think you can pick up a cooked chicken on the way home instead…how much can be done to a chicken?  Unfortunately….a LOT.  Arsenic-based drugs have been approved for use in chicken feed, so that they cause accelerated growth and make the meat appear fresher.  Though Pfizer has voluntarily stopped using these drugs, there are still many others on the market.  Chronic arsenic exposure has been linked to skin lesions, headaches, anemia, kidney damage and failure, low IQ, increased risk of diabetes, stillbirth, miscarriage, infant mortality, and low birth weight.

Usually, if you see something  in the ingredient list that is abbreviated, it’s a chemical compound made in a lab that has a detrimental effect on your health.  BHA is butylated hydroxyanisole; it’s known to cause cancer in rats and is suspected to be a human carcinogen as well.  BHT, or butylated hydroxytoluene, can cause organ system toxicity.  Both of these are in most breakfast cereal, meats, nut mixes, beer, dehydrated potatoes, chewing gum, and butter spread.

Olestra, AKA Olean, is a fat substitute developed by Proctor and Gamble and approved by the FDA in 1996.  It’s used in fat-free snacks, and is calorie- and cholesterol-free.  Rats fed chips with olestra in them ended up GAINING weight, and cramps, leaky bowels, and diarrhea.

I don’t know about you, but those things all make me think one thing…..EWWWW.  After I get through the list of things banned in other countries, yet readily available in most grocery stores across America, we’ll get to ways you can transition to healthier eating.


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