THAT’S In My Food?!? Part 2

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The list of countries who have banned GMOs and things made with them continues to grow.  On Facebook today I saw that Slovenia and Serbia have joined the ranks.  I also learned that the American Academy of Pediatrics has cut their ties with Monsanto, which is VERY good news.  They are the same people who produced Agent Orange in the Vietnam War era, developed Saccharin which has been confirmed as a carcinogen (causes cancer).  They are also spending millions to fight GMO labeling.

Slight tangent aside, I’ve been listing things banned in many countries but still lining the grocery store shelves.  The next thing banned in the EU, Canada, and China but prolific in America is bread, rolls, biscuits, etc made with “enriched flour.”  The flour is enriched with potassium bromate.  The baking companies say that the brominated flour makes the dough better able to stand up to their bread hooks by being more elastic.  Seems harmless enough, right?  Not really; it has been linked to several problems…everything from cancer, kidney and nervous system damage, thyroid problems, and gastrointestinal discomfort.  Yuck.

Next comes a lovely muscle enhancer found in almost half the pigs, a third of the cows, and an unknown number of turkeys.  Its called ractopamine, and originally used to treat asthma, in 2013 Russia issued a long term ban on red meat and pork due to traces of this chemical.  They have joined the 160 countries across Europe, China and Taiwan.  Since 1998 more than 1700 people have been poisoned from eating pork from pigs fed this.  It affects the cardiovascular system in humans, causing chromosomal abnormalities, hyperactivity and behavioral changes.  The damage to cattle is more severe, including death and/or disability, and reduced reproductive function.

There are a few more, and more not necessarily banned but should be avoided.  I’ll get to those another time.

So its clear that there are LOTS of things to avoid putting in your body (and your kids).  Next post I’ll start talking about how to transition to a cleaner, healthier diet.  (Not diet in the sense of losing weight, but you will probably find yourself shedding pounds put on through eating the junk that the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association pushes.)


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