So NOW What Do I Eat???


So now that you understand just how bad GMOs and most processed foods are for you, how do you go about changing things?  Committing to adopt a clean eating lifestyle isn’t as hard as it might seem, and as I was starting out I found an app for my iPhone that substantially helped.  The app is called “Buycott, ”  and how you use it is simple.  You put in the campaigns you care about, then scan the barcodes of the products you want to buy, and they tell you if the company supports your campaigns or to avoid the company.  For example, I’ve joined 34 campaigns, some of which include Demand GMO Labeling, No Monsanto, Coke Boycott For anti-GMO labeling Contributions, Buy Good Food & Avoid Bad Food, Buy Organic Brands That Support Your Right To Know, Avoid eating Toxic Artificial Trans Fats, Say No To Canola Oil, No MSG or Free Glutanic Acid in Our Food… get the idea.  (By the way, the maker’s of this app don’t know I’m posting this, and aren’t giving me anything for it.)

Before you even go to the store to start finding food for your new lifestyle, you need to clean out the junk.  Anything with artificial ANYTHING needs to go.  If you can’t pronounce it, chances are high that it shouldn’t be going in your mouth.  Its easier to stick to clean eating if you don’t have the bad-for-you stuff around to tempt you.  (I had it easy and did it when my girls were either at school or with their dad.)

When I was starting out with this process, I used my app CONSTANTLY.  At first my girls complained that I wouldn’t get snacks their father gets them, but when I showed them the app and explained what it shows and why I’m using it, they were ok.  Now, when my girls are shopping with me, they will come up to me holding something and say, “Is this ok to get?  What does your app say?”  Last night that happened again at Whole Foods (my favored grocery store that just opened up this summer in my area), and though there was poor coverage as I hadn’t signed on to the wifi, I could tell based on what the item was and the standards of Whole Foods it was ok.  That comes with time.

If you think you need to do this “all or nothing”, you WILL set yourself up to fail, and give up.  Its a transitional process, and “falling off the bandwagon” is completely ok…you can do it in stages if you want (30% clean/70% not, then 40/60, 50/50, etc.); just please don’t give up and go back.  Your body will feel better, you’ll be more energetic, and you will be more “present” in your life.

Next time, I’ll go through some steps that can make it easier to transition, how to keep from getting bored, and how to get your family on board.