Do We Really NEED A Plan?


Those quotes seem diametrically opposite….but they’re not.  You CAN do them both at the same time.  Having a plan doesn’t mean you’re confined in what you do.

Normally I work in my home office on the third floor.  I’ll get up and ready for the day, go down to the kitchen, have breakfast, then go back up where I work until lunchtime.  I’ll bring up my coffee and anything else I need, and plug away.

Since Dancing With The Stars started, I would carry my laptop down so I could vote on Facebook Monday evening, and bring it up Tuesday morning, then down again that night for more voting.  Last week though, I got tired of working harder, so I tried something new.  I kept the laptop down on the first floor and worked at the dining room table, then after Tuesday brought it back up to the loft.

The following meme shows another example of how integrating the 2 above quotes can actually make life fun!



What are some examples of how you worked smarter not harder?  Because you were smarter, what were you able to do you couldn’t have before?