Finding Your Tribe

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How long has it been since you have gotten together with the friends you grew up with?  If you’re like me….WAY too long.  You (or they) may have moved, your life now gets in the way, or whatever.  You may not want to socialize much more than you really need to with coworkers, so few, if any, true friendships there.  We were never meant to be an island, but our intrinsic makeup needs to be social, to varying degrees.  So how do you keep from ending up feeling alone, even while surrounded by people?  I’ve got a couple ideas for you to help find your “tribe.”

If like me you’ve gotten away from being the friendly, easy-going person you once were, start small.  I have been a member of an email group since before Facebook was around.   Some of the friends Ive made this way I’ve ended up meeting IRL (in real life) and are really close friends, even though they live far away.  Our antics and the fun we have had when together has been EPIC.  (More on that in another post.)

If you would rather do something a little more (or you don’t use email for anything other than work), there’s also another option.  On Facebook, do a search for groups with similar interests to yours and join a few of them.  Then be as active in them as your life will allow.  Just be careful how many you join, as it can overtake your life (and I speak from experience here).

One other option, but by no means the only, is to find a local group of people interested in the same things as you. has innumerable groups all over, and you can search for whatever you’re interested in.  Setting up a profile is free, but most groups ask for a nominal membership fee.  I just logged in to my profile, and over 130,000 meetups are happening this week, 16 in the 10 groups I’m a member of.  When you meet people with a common interest, it’s easier to strike up a conversation.  The organizers at these group events are supposed to be (and in my experience DO) make sure no one is left out, and everyone has a good time.

Next time, I’ll talk about why we need to be our own best friend.  Have any thoughts about my post?  Don’t be shy…leave a comment!  I will read and respond to everything.  (Unless its trolling…which should go without saying, but…thats my boundary.)