Spiritual Beings, Part 2


Yesterday I mentioned my faith journey in part 1. Living up in New England, you can imagine how hard it was to find community, since covens are not my thing. My community became almost totally online (save a couple friends, when we could occasionally get together).

In one group, there was a person who was very active in the CUUPs (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) community. I was interested in getting involved locally, but thought that the closest UU church was over an hour away…too far to be practical. Or so I thought.

During my second marriage, I was usually online as much as possible to be in contact with all my friends. Then I had Miss M, and was diagnosed with PPD (postpartum depression). I think it was a misdiagnosis now…I was dealing with all the mental and emotional abuse from ex #2, and struggling with the transition from working full time to being a SAHM. Anyway….I started going to a local PPD group, and it was through friends I made there that I eventually found the faith community I am now a part of in the next town over. Being active in the church I found has enriched my life, challenged me, and helped give my life meaning. (Of course my parents came to one service a couple years ago, and said never again.)

I welcome your thoughts and comments (as long as they are respectful)! Tomorrow I’ll be telling you my thoughts on a personal spiritual path….one of connection with your higher power.