Unraveling Grief


There are months that go by that I have no problem doing what needs to be done, just plugging away.  Then BAM!!!  I have a day like what I had the other day.  It just hits me…a song heard on the radio who’s words cut deep, a careless comment by someone in passing, a meme read on Facebook turn me into a grieving mess.

What do you do?  You channel that grief into something.  Even if you can’t act on your plans, make a time to do so, and I can promise that you’ll be better able to refocus on your to do list.

Make a picture that you never show anyone, so it doesn’t matter how “good” you think it is.  This is about YOU and working through your grief, whatever the loss is.

Music more your thing?  Write a song about your pain, and working to wholeness again.

Are you a shutterbug?  Think of what sort of picture would embody how you’re feeling, then make it happen.

Not willing to try to be artistic?  Write it out in a poem or journal.  (A poem is a silent song, and a journal entry could be a mute ballad.)

Talk it out with a friend or lover….someone who really GETS you.

Which of these have you done?  How well did it work?  What else have you done?